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This site contains the viewpoint of one man, relating to his lifelong interest in malt whisky, the spirit of Scotland. After writing about an array of subjects from travel to politics to handmade acoustic guitars, he is fulfilling repeated requests to turn his public pen to the topic he holds most dear, following years of private advice conferred to friends on single malt scotch and it is various relations.

An American with multiple lines of Scottish decent, as well as English, Welsh, and likely Irish too, his is an affectionate attachment based upon a shared heritage and an idealist’s perspective. Romantic but not romanticized, due to an educated and realistic skepticism, his approach to profiling and critiquing malt whisky is inspired by the Scientific Method and honed by thirty years of personal exploration.


The opinions expressed in these articles and reviews are One Man’s, but they are influenced and greatly enhanced by those he turns to for education and advice, within and without the whisky trade. In addition, he often enlists the nose and pallet of other tasters, who kindly endure his probing questions, survey sheets, and tasting wheels, as he continues to compile data.

No one individual deserves greater thanks and acknowledgement than the collected and esteemed members of the Eight Men of Malt. A fraternity that includes educators and businessmen, artists and artisans, and even an Oscar winner, they share a love for a good malt whisky, yet rarely agree unanimously on what makes a great one. And they are periodically recruited to contribute their own wisdom and personal taste to help shape the many profiles and reviews that appear on One Man’s Malt.

A Note On Reviews:

Subjects of review on this site will not receive a grade or ranking. One man’s 63 can rate another man’s 95. Rather, personal opinions and factual recounting of sensory perception are offered as a way of describing the spirits sampled, and at times compared to well-known styles and brands to give the reader identifiable points of reference. It remains with readers to determine the extent to which their own personal tastes accord with those of One Man.

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  1. maltmatt August 6, 2014 at 1:27 am #

    Just read the about section here as I explore the website. I really like the no grading or ranking in your reviews. As a decade long follower of sites like Beeradvocate and a reader of many scotch reviews with ratings I feel it does a disservice to the process itself. (As an example i use micheal jacksons scotch guide often and he rates very few great whiskeys at, near or over 90, its all relative I guess) Over time you tastes change, the mood your in while you do a tasting and a bias you might already have by previously reading other ratings all will affect your potential grade or rating.

    That said a review describing flavors and ones personal experience is a much better guide to what the whiskey is about for the reviewer and reader than a grade. I find many whiskeys I have overlooked due to a bad ranking or grade that I really enjoyed.

    I’m doing my best to avoid ratings and look at the review’s components than make my own decision if the profile fits my taste. Rankings are to finite and limiting IMHO

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